I believe that there is no such thing as the perfect flute, rather a range of informed choices which will allow you to create the perfect flute for you. As such I offer a wide range of choices to allow you to tailor my flutes for you. I have broken the choices down into sections to make choosing easier. I’m happy to have a discussion with you to help you decide.


I also aim to keep a range of flutes “in stock” so you can try a range of options.


Many of these options are practical and will affect the way the instrument performs in some way. Others are aesthetic choices to allow us to create something for you that is truly individual. Making something well is a good thing, making it beautiful is another thing altogether. Lets fill the world with beautiful flutes one by one!


I have a head full of ideas for the next design flourish and am always waiting for someone willing to commission something really special.


1. Tonewood

2. Headjoint

3. Foot options

4. Fingerholes

5. Rings

6. Crown

7. Right/ Left handed

8. Accessories